Rafting e Prehistory Tour



For those you desire two days of adventure, sport and culture, to go rafting in the middle of virgin and crystal-clear rivers, climb and go down breathtaking waterfalls, know the most relevant historic places (rupestrian paintings dating back to 4600 years ago), everything in complete safety, a tour to Jaciara is absolutely recommended.


  • Days: 2
  • Stages: aciara; The waterfall “da Fumaça”; Tenente Amaral River; The waterfall “Mulata”; “Complexo do Canal”; The “Vale das Perdidas”; The “Gruta das Perdidas”; The “Caverna que Chora”; Cuiabà.
  • Tour Number 8
  • Conditions: The cost of the Tour to Jaciara includes transfer to/from Cuiabà airport or town, all transfers mentioned, stay in pousada/hotel by half board, daily excursions with a bilingual guide.
    All expenses not mentioned in the routes and drinks are excluded.



Departure in the morning to reach the town of Jaciara which is about 150 km away from Cuiabà.
When left your baggage in the hotel, we’ll reach the waterfall “da Fumaça”, a beautiful 34-meter drop in an impressive canyon.
When arrived and equipped with the necessary equipment, we’ll go down as far as the riverbed to go 3.8-km rafting along the Tenente Amaral River, during which, in addition to exponentially elevating the adrenaline level, we will know various peculiarities of the river itself and its tributaries (some with thermal waters). People interested could rope down, that is to say, a controlled descent of a vertical drop, such as a rock face (in this case a waterfall), using a rope.
After lunch in the country restaurant of the waterfall, we’ll reach the waterfall “Mulata”, an impressive 22-meter drop in the middle of the forest and then the spectacular and articulated “Complexo do Canal”, a series of small and large waterfalls which create natural chutes and pools in a river area surrounded by cozy natural beaches… We will stay there until sunset for rest.
Then, return to Jaciara city, to the hotel.


Departure in the morning to reach the “Vale das Perdidas”, an archaeological site nestled among small waterways, small waterfalls and imposing vegetation, where we’ll appreciate the “Gruta das Perdidas”, characterized by paintings and inscriptions dating back from 3630 to 4610 years.
The site was discovered in 1984 by a French researcher and counts seven sites already listed, but only two of these are open to the public.
Lunch in a restaurant.
Then we will continue our journey to the “Caverna que Chora” (Cave that weeps) and we could appreciate this imposing sandstone cave with its many rooms and with an extension of 650 m. Since many rivers rise in this cave, the landscape looks like the interior of a living organism and its sedimentary rock walls “cries” water.
In the last room we could appreciate a waterfall that creates a small natural pool called “cachoeira do Amor” (Waterfall of Love).
Then return to Cuiabà city.


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